3 Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Discolored

3 Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Discolored

Everyone wishes to have bright shining teeth for a dazzling smile; however, not many people take enough care of their dental health to achieve pearly whites. If you’ve been brushing your teeth properly, flossing every day, using a good-quality anti-septic mouth washer, your chances of struggling with teeth discoloration are meager. However, other factors might be causing your teeth to lose their whiteness over time.

It’s never too late. You can always drop the bad habits that might be keeping you from smiling freely in front of your family, friends, romantic partner, and colleague.

Ahead, we have rounded up three common reasons why your pearly whites might be losing their whiteness and how you can make it right.

Junk Foods and Sugary Beverages

Beverages high in caffeine and sugar content such as tea, alcohol, coffee, and sodas can all lead to tooth discoloration. In addition to this, excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables high in citric acid and iron content can lead to stained teeth as well, including apple, lemon, and orange.

Poor Oral Hygiene

This is the most common cause behind discolored teeth. Skipping on brushing, flossing, and mouth washing can result in bacterial infections that can lead to discolored teeth. According to the American Dental Association, it’s essential to brush at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes to ensure proper cleanliness of plaque.

Use of Tobacco

Cigarettes have high nicotine content —which can be extremely devastating for your tooth enamel. Tobacco consists of tar, and it leaves traces of dark brown particles on your teeth when you chew or smoke it in the form of cigarettes. This dark brown residue is not visible in the initial stages, but it can lead to stained teeth overtime—especially in those people who don’t brush their teeth properly.

Nicotine and tobacco consumption doesn’t only harm the appearance of your teeth; it also puts you at a higher risk of developing other health conditions such as oral cancer, periodontal diseases, tooth decay, and lung cancer.

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