4 Reasons Your Child’s Permanent Teeth Aren’t Coming In

4 Reasons Your Child’s Permanent Teeth Aren’t Coming In

A child losing their first baby tooth is an exciting milestone for the parents. After all, it means they’re growing up—and that the tooth fairy is on her way!

And then, the wait for a shiny new permanent tooth begins. As time goes by, the anticipation turns into apprehension. And then a looming question arises: Why aren’t my child’s permanent teeth coming out?

As one of the leading family dentists in Bethesda, we get this question a lot.

And we’re here to tell you not to worry. There are a number of perfectly reasonable explanations for why your child’s permanent teeth aren’t showing up—and we’ve discussed them right here.

1. Lack of sufficient space

Baby teeth are generally smaller than permanent teeth. Usually, primary teeth have spaces between them that allow for sufficient room for permanent teeth to come out. If there isn’t adequate space, however, the permanent teeth can get blocked, and thus, will not erupt.

When this happens, your dentist might have to remove the baby teeth or make braces that are specially designed for toddlers. Both these steps create space for the permanent teeth to come out unobstructed.

2. Genetics

Genetics, too, plays a big role in childhood growth and development. If your teeth came out late, then there’s an 80 percent chance that your baby’s teeth will come out late too.

If your baby’s milk teeth came in late, then you should expect the same with their permanent teeth. Talk to your parents and spouse to see if genetics might have something to do with it in this case.

3. Gender

While it’s natural to compare your child’s development to others, it should be kept in mind that boys and girls age differently.

And the speed of teeth growth varies significantly between boys and girls too. Studies indicate the girls begin losing their teeth nearly six months before boys do. As a result, they tend to develop permanent teeth faster too.

4. Nutrition

The overall health of a child also factors into how soon they develop teeth. Calcium and other minerals are vital to the growth of the teeth. Kids who eat a healthy and balanced diet get their permanent teeth a lot faster.

On the other hand, children who eat a sugar-rich diet tend to get their teeth later compared to other kids in their age group.

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