Oral Health

Food Items Good for Your Teeth and Gums

We brush, floss, and even get the occasional dental checkups to ensure our gums and teeth are in healthy condition. Yet, despite that care, gum diseases are some of the most prevalent diseases in the world. A recent study revealed that one in every two adults in America over the age of 29 had some form

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Signs That You May Need a Denture Repair

Thanks to modern dentistry, we no longer have to live without teeth for the rest of our lives. Dentures are an excellent alternative to natural teeth and provide excellent functionality and aesthetics. They are made with acrylic resin and are joined together in sets using an acrylic or metal base. Dentures come with several options,

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Drawing a Comparison between Men’s And Women’s Oral Health

Recent studies have found that your genetic makeup could likely have an effect on your oral health. Wondering what’s the connection? A study published in the Journal of Periodontology reveals that women are more conscious and proactive when it comes to dental health. Furthermore, receiving regular dental checkup, following up on dental advice and rescheduling was

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