Dental Hygiene: Are You Doing It Right?

Dental Hygiene: Are You Doing It Right?

When it comes to dental hygiene, you can find a lot of people turn the other way.

It’s important to note what exactly constitutes dental cleanliness; is it the regular brushing? Or maybe it’s using mouthwashes every once in a while?

You might think you know what you’re doing but when it comes to taking care of your teeth, most people tend to get it wrong.

So why is the emphasis placed on clean teeth?

For starters, it’ll prevent you from ending up with stained, decaying teeth. If you consult your family dentist, you’ll find out that no matter what you do, you’ve been very far from actually taking care of your teeth!

Have you been led astray?

Often dental hygiene revolves around brushing the teeth and flossing. However, they’re not the only two factors you need to focus on.

While your teeth are the first things that gain attention as soon as you mention “mouth”, it’s not the only thing that you need to clean up.

Here are a few ways you can maintain your dental hygiene routine and actually do it the right way:

Brushing done right

Everyone brushes their teeth but not everyone does it right. Brushing twice a day is a fact that’s known by all but exactly how you brush is what matters.

  • Do you tilt you toothbrush to 45 degrees to your gums?
  • Do you brush the outer as well as the inner surfaces of your teeth?
  • Do you brush for 2 minutes or 5?
  • And most importantly, do you also clean your tongue in the process?

If your answer is no to all these questions, then you probably have to re-evaluate your idea of oral hygiene.

Not effectively brushing in the way mentioned above results in plaque, bacteria build up and cavities.

Dieting done right

Focusing on diets isn’t only good for losing weight and staying healthy, it’s also good at maintaining clean, healthy teeth.

Too much sugar in your diet results in tooth decay because sugar tends to get stuck in places that can’t easily be flossed or brushed.

However, that’s not the only thing you should look at. Beverage with additives can be deadly for your teeth as well.

Tooth decay is one thing but the substances like, for example, food dye, can cause discoloration and dulling of teeth.

Next time you choose drinks, try to go for something that will strengthen your teeth instead, such as milk, water and less sugary drinks. They’ll strengthen your enamel and give you a beautiful, pearly white teeth.

Flossing is a definite must

People try to use toothpicks instead of floss but be warned; toothpicks often increase the gap between your teeth.

Instead, keep up with flossing after every meal, even if its snacks. The faster you get rid of food and debris left between your teeth, the better i.

Don’t base all your focus on mouthwash

Mouthwash is good; it gets rid of bacteria and refreshes your breath but you shouldn’t avoid flossing and try mouthwash instead.

It’s good every once in a while or every morning/night but try not to cut down on other routines because of it.

As long as you keep up with these tips, you wouldn’t have to face too many dental problems.

Pro tip: Keep up with your dental appointments.

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