Dental Implants: A Post-Op Guide to Quick Recovery

Dental Implants: A Post-Op Guide to Quick Recovery

One of the biggest myths surrounding dental implants is that they’re complicated and painful to install. Most people are surprised to find out how simple the process actually is, and how little pain they feel.

As a result, they often forget to take appropriate care after the surgery. While new technology has made the process easier than ever, post-op care helps prevent any complications.

This piece is going to talk about some short-term and long-term steps that allow you to take better care of your teeth after dental implant surgery.


Minor bleeding and oozing are expected after dental implant surgery—but it’s a lot less profuse compared to the bleeding that occurs post-tooth extraction.

To stop the bleeding, biting firmly on a gauze pad for at least an hour post-surgery. Gently remove the pad to see if the site is still bleeding.

If the area is still bleeding, place a new gauze pad and check every 30 minutes. The bleeding should subside on its own.

Oral Hygiene

Avoid rinsing your mouth or disturbing the surgical site for at least 24 hours after the surgery. The following day, rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Add one teaspoon of salt to a glass of water and rinse three to four times a day. Your dentist might recommend rinsing with chlorhexidine instead of salt water, so be sure to consult with them.

Brush your teeth as you would regularly, but be gentle in the area where the implants were put in.

Eating and Drinking

On surgery day, it is advised that you only drink cold liquids. Drink water and stay hydrated—but stay away from spicy food and alcohol. Up to a week after the surgery, opt for soft foods, but make sure to chew as far as possible from the implant. It might be difficult for you to eat for some time, but adequate nutrition is an important part of making a quick recovery.

Don’t spit or suck on straws either, as the added pressure might dislodge the implant. Additionally, avoid smoking for at least three days after the surgery—it increases the risk of infection and can put undue pressure on the implant.

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