What You Don’t Know About Cavities

What You Don’t Know About Cavities

Growing up, what was the one word you heard most from your mother or family dentist? Especially when you were about to chew on that sugary goodness—candy floss, chocolates, marshmallow, jaw breakers…

Cavities—that dreaded one word, capable of ruining the fun out of Halloween and other occasions where sweets are consumed with a relish.

What are cavities? And how much do we really know about it?  

Cavities – What Are They?

Best described as tooth decay, cavities build-up in the mouth due to the food we eat. Tooth decay is also a major concern for people who don’t take the proper care of their teeth. Lack of fluoride in toothpaste can also cause cavities or tooth decay, although this process takes time.

Are you suffering from tooth decay? Someone in your family might have this dental problem as tooth decay can also be inherited like some other periodontal diseases.

We know cavities are caused by eating sweets and not following a proper dental care routine… But what more is known about tooth decay?

Myth #1: Cavities Can’t Be Formed From Drinking Sugar-Free Soda

Wrong. Many people believe it’s just sugar that causes cavities and tooth decay but anything that increases acidity levels in the mouth have the power to cause this dental problem.

So lay off the diet-free sodas. According to Bethesda’s leading dentist, Dr. Sheida Larijani, having a sugar-free soda might be a little better but all sodas feature a low pH value. This causes teeth erosion.

What happens next? Cavities don’t take long to form once teeth erosion starts.

Myth #2: Only Sugar Can Cause Tooth Decay

Your parents and family dentist were absolutely right in stopping you from over-indulging in sugar snacks, candy, dessert, and soda. However, the bad guy that helps form cavities isn’t only sugar found in sweet foodstuffs.

Starch is also known to be a common reason for cavities to form. Eating bread and pasta stimulates bacteria present on teeth, which then attack by producing enamel killing or weakening acids.

Myth #3: Children Get More Cavities than Adults

Not really. It’s easy to think why children get more cavities than adults because of the high sugar intake. However, there has been an increase in tooth decay amongst senior citizens and adults.

What is the reason?

Not following a proper dental care routine is the major factor that promotes tooth decay.

Myth #4: You Will Know You Have Tooth Decay

It doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes, you will have cavities for months, without knowing! It’s always a good idea to visit a dentist just to make sure whether you really have tooth decay or is it something else.

Regular appointments to the dentist will let you know of periodontal disease in their earliest stages, which will be easier to treat.

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