Are You Facing Enamel Degradation? Here’s How to Fix It!


Are You Facing Enamel Degradation? Here’s How to Fix It!

Despite being the hardest bone structure in your body, the tooth enamel is susceptible to degradation and decay.

What you eat matters a lot, as they directly impact your tooth enamel causing it to get stained and undergo wear and tear. Soda and sugary foods are some of the culprits.

How Do You Know Your Teeth Are Undergoing Enamel Erosion?

Habits like bruxism (teeth grinding), excess intake of caffeinated drinks and acidic foods can take a toll on your enamel health. Also certain medications can cause enamel degradation.

However, certain signs start to show on the forefront when enamel erosion takes places. These usually begin include:

  • Teeth discoloration
  • Sensitivity to extremes in temperature
  • Higher risk of being chipped or broken
  • Cupping

It is recommended that enamel erosion is taken seriously; whenever the symptoms start manifesting themselves, it should be addressed to prevent other health problems from following.

Strengthening Your Enamel

Since the enamel resembles a bone-like material, the part of the enamel that is lost cannot be retrieved. Hence, the only option left is to strengthen the part of the enamel that is still intact. Your body does not have the capacity to generate new enamel.

In this case a process called ‘remineralization’ is used, which employs agents like calcium and fluoride to provide added strength and support to the enamel that is existing. This prevents wear and tear in the future. In spots where the enamel is undergoing erosion can also be cementing to fortify it.

How To Prevent Enamel Degradation

Weakened tooth enamel can still be protected from complete erosion or abrasion. Some factors that lead to recurring enamel erosion can be controlled by making certain amendments in your habits, these include:

  • Use an toothpaste that contains enamel strengthening elements
  • If you have the habit of bruxism, mouth guardscould be a likely solution. This will keep enamel erosion in check when you’re asleep.
  • Refrain from acidic food as it is highly toxic for eroding enamel. If you need your soda fix, use a straw so that your teeth remain protected.
  • Sugary material should also be eaten in small portions. Brush after, so as to avoid any residue to get stuck to your teeth.

Consulting a dental expert for your oral and dental health is always the best option.

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