general dentistry Bethesda, MD

General Dentistry

Helping our patients maintain a healthy mouth and smile is the main goal of general dentistry. We prefer to provide more minor, preventive care than to see patients suffer with more intensive treatments from a problem that was not managed in time. We want to ensure that your oral health is in its optimal state and positively contributing to the health of your entire body. We are here to brighten your smile and pave the way for a brighter life.

Cleanings And Exams Bethesda, MD

Cleanings And Exams

Having a dental practice perform a checkup and regular cleaning gives a preventive approach to dental care. These general dentistry treatments help prevent problems with your teeth, gums and jaw bones, or they catch and manage problems before they worsen. During your visit, our doctors will take a picture of the current standing of your dental health and what would be needed to keep your oral hygiene in its best state.

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Teeth Whitening Bethesda, MD

Teeth Whitening

These days you can whiten your teeth with over-the-counter products; however they can never replace professional whitening products that is used only in dental offices. Products used in dental offices are purchased from reputable dental companies and the chemical compounds are tested and approved for safe use. There are two ways to whiten your teeth: Take-home products that your dentist give you with customized trays or In-office whitening. You get the same results with both; however, with in-office whitening you see the results immediately. Take-home products have the advantage of being available at different percentages which can be more beneficial for people with sensitive teeth.

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Fillings Bethesda, MD


White fillings also known as resins are used to replace the damaged part of the tooth as a result of cavity or to enhance appearance of the teeth. It is also used to cover exposed roots to reduce sensitivity and close gaps between teeth. Because of the advances in dental technology, resins mimic the color of the tooth, expand and contract similar to the tooth unlike silver fillings and can be used to fill the cavities at their early stage. Unlike silver fillings, resins do not contain mercury. It is safe to be used in children.

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Extractions Bethesda, MD


An extraction is performed to remove a tooth, whether because of disease, crowding, or damage. When extractions are required, the area around the tooth will be numbed and your dentist will remove the tooth. A small amount of bleeding is normal, as your mouth will replace the removed tooth root by forming a blood clot in the area.

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Night Guards Bethesda, MD

Night Guards

Occlusal Guard(commonly known as Night Guard) and TMJ appliances are customized medical devices to help patients prevent or reduce damage to their jaw joints, teeth, and other related structures and to help ease muscle tension, headaches, and jaw soreness. They are the most conservative, non-invasive treatment for patients who clench, grind or do both, with or without symptoms. The design and materials used to fabricate these appliances vary depending on patient’s needs, and severity of their condition. These devices need to be replaced if cracks and fracture lines develop or if your appliance is loose and not stable.

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