The Guide To Dental Care When Travelling

The Guide To Dental Care When Travelling

Travelling cross country via road can make it difficult to maintain your regular dental care routine.

Yet with a little bit of forward thinking and preparation, you can still make sure the basics of good dental care are met thoroughly.

First things first – know what to pack in the name of dental care essentials.

Dental Care Essentials – What to Pack

Traveling by road to a secluded cabin in the countryside? Or visiting another city for business? Whatever the reason for your travel, there are many tools you can take purely for your dental care purposes.

Besides an ultra-violet light pen (for purifying water) and a travel pillow with case… following are essential items that you can take.

  • 2 toothbrushes
  • A pack of dental floss
  • A bottle of mouthwash
  • Dental insurance card
  • Your dentist’s details

And a dental emergency kit that includes:

  • Bottle of painkiller
  • A cold compress
  • Temporary dental cement or wax
  • Denture repair liquid (if you have dentures)
  • Toothache drops
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton balls
  • Anti-bacterial wipes

What to Remember Before You Go

Are you suffering from any dental issue that you have been ignoring for some time now? Do you feel discomfort in your tooth or gums? Are you suffering from a known periodontal disease?

Make sure to schedule a dentist’s appointment before heading off to wherever you are going. Ask for a dental cleaning and complete checkup to ensure your teeth are in perfect health.

Brush Your Teeth Whenever You Stop For a Washroom Break

Did you remember to pack 2 toothbrushes in your luggage? You might be wondering why you need two toothbrushes for one trip…

Assign one to be used during travel. Keep it in your bag that you can easily access throughout traveling. Remember to put an extra tube of toothpaste as well, with your travel toothbrush!

This way you can brush your teeth (even used dental floss) wherever you stop for a coffee/rest/bathroom break. You can also keep a handy pack of disposable floss stick and do the deed in the car.

We all go to extra lengths to have perfect “celebrity like” teeth, which is a good thing—healthy teeth equals a beautiful smile. Don’t let travel ruin your daily dental care routine! Your teeth are worth the extra care and attention.

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