Handy Tips To Keep Gum Disease at Bay


Handy Tips To Keep Gum Disease at Bay

Gum diseases, also scientifically known as periodontal disease, is the result of bacteria found in plaque that builds up in the spaces between your teeth and gums.

Inflammation of the gums due to bacterial action weakens the surrounding bone structure.

Often, gum diseases may worsen into diabetes and heart disease, if left untreated.

Gum disease is preventable with a healthy oral regime in place. Here’s how!

Regular Visits to The Dentist

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), gum disease brings along swollen, red and tender gums. You might be starting to lose permanent teeth and experience consistently bad breath. All these signs require you to seek treatment if they continue to increase in intensity.

Getting your teeth cleaned professionally can help remove tartar and plaque that can easily build up when too much sugary food is taken up.


The ADA recommends the use of flossing techniques to get rid of plaque that is out of your toothbrush’s reach. Even flossing your teeth once a day will do the needful.

Brushing Regularly

It goes without saying; brushing your teeth after every meal helps eliminate food particles that may linger on and cause plaque buildup.

The tongue is also a potential bacteria-breeding ground. The Mayo Clinic suggests the usage of a soft-bristled toothbrush for effective cleaning. It is also good for sensitive gums.

Electric toothbrushes are also available for effective removal of plaque and reducing gingivitis.

The Power of Fluoride

The ADA accredits fluoride containing toothpastes to be best for oral hygiene.

Amongst all the brands available in the market, the ones containing fluoride are most effective in reducing bad breath, whitening teeth and strengthening gums. They also have the ADA seal of acceptance on them.

Smoking Kills!

Smoking can be a silent killer, as it persistently undermines the quality of life. One apparent effect of excessive smoking is the onset of gum disease. Smoking directly attacks a person’s immune system and makes it difficult to fight off harmful bacteria, responsible for gum infection in the mouth. Smoking is in no way acceptable.

Expert Advice

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