Preparing Your Kid for That Dreaded Dental Visit


Preparing Your Kid for That Dreaded Dental Visit

Whether it is the innate fear, strange smells or the unfamiliar instruments, one thing for sure; most kids fear visiting dentists. However, for healthy dental hygiene, they must visit a dentist regularly.

With everything that’s dreaded, preparation is the key. We at Bethesda Dental Health have outlined some ways in which you can better prepare your kids for the visit to the dentist:
Lead by Example

Kids notice and imitate their parents. They learn all kinds of stuff from them. Do not use words like “pain” or “hurt” when talking about anything dental. It is essential that you and your partner hide your own fears. Also, take your kid with you for your regular checkup. When your kid sees you acting normal, the fear associated will be subsided.
Start Early

A child being exposed to dental clinic from the beginning is less likely to develop fear. Bringing your kid early on will give the impression that this is not a terrifying place. It will convey a sense of normalcy. Moreover, it will help your kid get into a routine of visiting the dentist, and that can be instrumental in preventing future anxieties.
Find a Friendly and Caring Dentist

A huge part of the fear of dental visit is the fear of dentist – the person. Have your kid talk to the dentist before you actually take them for a checkup. A good dentist will quickly make friends with your kid which will make him/her comfortable with the dentist. If this happens, you can consider your job half done.
Pretend Play

A bit of role play can come in very handy for preparing your kid for the big day. Have your kid be a dentist and check your teeth or the other way round. This will ward off anxiety and put the whole dental visit thing in a positive light. It will also demonstrate to your child that his/her teeth need to be checked.
Answer Questions

Kids are generally very curious. When you are preparing them for the dental visit, it is very likely that they will ask a lot of questions. Addressing all their fears and concerns will give them a feeling that they are being understood. It will also give you a chance to relax and calm their nerves.

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