How To Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit A Success

How To Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit A Success

According to a survey conducted by Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among US children aged 2 to 5 years old, 23 percent had cavities, and out of these 10 percent children remained untreated.

Schedule your child’s first dentist visit as soon as the first tooth erupts. You need to promote oral hygiene at an early age, and this can only be done when an experienced dentist takes care of their baby-teeth.

Make their first dentist visit a success by following these tips.

When To Make The First Appointment

Dentists have the experience and knowledge to ensure healthy growth and development of jaw bone and gum tissues. Therefore, an early check-up is required to save you from future troubles.

According to experts, your child first dentist visit needs to happen on his first birthday or when his first tooth erupts. But as rule of thumb, book an appointment for which ever instance happens first, tooth eruption or birthday.

Baby teeth are prone to decay; your child’s smile may be gleaming, but there are many underlying problems such as teeth crowding, overbite or under-bite.

Make Your Child Aware of Oral Health

Kids are inquisitive in nature; they like to learn and explore new things on a daily basis.

Before your first dental visit, introduce your child to teeth and oral hygiene. There are many reading material, games, activity books, and apps available online and in-store to make learning easier for your kid.

Accepting the dentist will be easier on your kid, if he/she is already aware of oral hygiene and need of dentist.

Make Brushing A Part Of Their Routine

Reinstate the habit of brushing at an early age; give them a soft-bristled toothbrush, that’s safe for babies, when few teeth erupt. Use a paste rich in fluoride, and make sure your kid abides to regular brushing habits.

Teach proper brushing habits to your child, with help of rhymes and songs. You can make brushing fun by allowing your child to pick a tooth brush of their choice. Moreover, make brushing a family activity, to reinforce this good habit at an early age.

Build A Positive Attitude Towards Dentist

Kids tend to imitate what they see and listen around them. Stay calm. If you are stressed, it’s likely your kid will be too.

Explain to your little one why you are going to the dentist.  You can bring along a book to read while you wait in the doctor’s office. Also consider bringing along your kid to your dentist visit, to make them accustomed to the environment, sound and smell of the clinic.

Pick A Family Dentistry In Bethesda

Choose a dentist in Bethesda Maryland, that’s closer to your home, school, or office. Make sure you or your little one does not have to wait for hours, because that can leave you with a cranky-incorporative baby.

Lastly, opt for a family-friendly clinic that specializes in dealing with children of all ages.

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