Why You Need Regular Dental Checkups

Why You Need Regular Dental Checkups

Ideally, you should be seeing a dentist at least twice a year in order to maintain your oral health.

Not receiving these checkups can cause numerous problems for you.

If you do not want to put your oral health at risk, it is better to schedule timely appointments. There are many things your family dentist in Bethesda can do for your oral health.  

Determining Problems

The first measure is always prevention. Instead of suffering later, your dentist will be able to determine problems earlier. That way the situation will be handled in time before it gets so severe that you have to undergo a painful and costly treatment. A professional will always recommend you to take preventative measures.

Conditions such as gum disease are only determined at a later stage once the individual begins to suffer from pain and bleeding gums. A dentist on the other hand will be able to detect this problem at an earlier stage and will thus be treated before the situation worsens. If he is uncertain about the condition, he or she may take an X-ray.

Professional Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned thoroughly by a professional will help remove the buildup of plaque and any food particles stuck in between your teeth.

The dentist will have the right tools to ensure that your mouth is cleaned thoroughly and there is no discoloration. This cleaning will thus help to tackle the problem of stained teeth and bad breath.

Professional cleaning accompanied by daily brushing and flossing will provide the best results. If the dentist feels your teeth are stained, he may also suggest teeth whitening.

Recommendations & Advice

Once you visit the dentist, you will receive both the treatment that you need, as well as advice in order to prevent further problems in the future.

He will provide you detail about what you can incorporate into your daily routine so you no longer face problems with poor oral health.

Kids and adults, both, are often unaware of how to properly brush their teeth.

An experienced professional will educate you on the best way to brush your teeth to remove all food particles and plaque buildup.

Your visits to the dentist is an investment into your oral health.

It will also reduce chances of any disease or cavity. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists at Bethesda Dental Health in order to give your teeth the care it needs.


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