Oral Health As A Part Of Your Daily Routine


Oral Health As A Part Of Your Daily Routine

The human body requires a lot of upkeep and work, just to remain functional at optimal level. Improved performance of different organs is possible by taking care of their health. What can be done to improve the health of our teeth, gums and mouth, as a whole?

Importance of Oral Dental Health

It’s a worthy goal to take good care of your mouth, teeth and gums.

Taking out time every night to floss and brush your teeth before going to bed? It’s a commendable job to be so much invested in your dental hygiene and health!

Why should we pay attention to oral health and hygiene? Following a good and regular dental care routine helps prevent halitosis (bad breath), tooth decay, and gum disease.

A good dental care routine will help you keep your teeth healthy as you get older.

Here are some points to incorporate in your daily oral care regime:

Remember to Brush before Bed

Our digestive system works overtime during sleep. All toxins made throughout the day are accumulated on the surface of the tongue at night. This is why brushing first thing in the morning is suggested by Bethesda dentists.

However, we can limit the intensity of this natural process by brushing (and flossing) at night right before bedtime. This way any food particles stuck between teeth and plaque generated throughout the day are removed. Brushing your teeth before bedtime also helps against tooth decay and other periodontal conditions.

Take Note of Teeth Grinding

Are you experiencing increasing sensitive teeth or worn tooth enamel? Teeth grinding is a major reason for all these issues. You may be doing this during the night (when asleep) or day, due to nervousness, stress, or force of habit.

Teeth grinding can be prevented by being aware of the reasons this occurs. Your dentist can also help by designing a mouth guard to be worn at night.

Consume Food That Is High In Calcium

Calcium isn’t only for your bones but also teeth. In fact, your teeth require plenty of calcium to stay healthy and beautiful. High sources of calcium (and other tooth friendly essential vitamins) can be found in fortified orange juice, broccoli, cheese, milk, yoghurt and other dairy products.

If, for some reason, your daily calcium intake (1,000mg) isn’t being met, taking calcium supplements is also a good alternative.

Remember to pair calcium with vitamin D, as without the other the calcium won’t be absorbed in the bones and teeth! Other important vitamins to include in your diet are:

  • B complex
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Iodine

Making regular visits to the dentist is essential even when following the above. Make sure your dentist knows how to take care of teeth in every stage and age, as well have knowledge of periodontal diseases and how to care for teeth.

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