Veneers: Are They Worth It?


Veneers: Are They Worth It?

Do you often wish you still had the same set of teeth you had as a child, a perfect and neat set of milky white teeth? People go through extreme measures to beautify their teeth and promote a dazzling white smile.

Teeth whitening, using braces, and other dental procedures are all aimed at improving your teeth and dental hygiene.

However, it’s difficult to choose a course of action if several options are presented as possible solutions.

Often, we have looked at a magazine featuring celebrities and other famous people sporting a set of perfect white teeth.

How do they achieve such a marvel? Porcelain veneers is one option but are they right for you?

Veneers – What Are They?

This dental care option consists of thin porcelain pieces,  designed to fit in your mouth and attached to the front of a tooth. The primary goal of porcelain veneers is to improve appearance. Besides porcelain, veneers can also be designed from other composite materials.

Does It Matter Which Materials Are Used To Make Veneers?

The primary goal of veneers (porcelain or other) is to change color, size, and/or shape of the tooth. However material does matter, as some offer long-lasting abilities than others.

There are many reasons why people choose veneers, such as:

  • To fix chipped or broken teeth
  • To straighten irregularly shaped teeth
  • To fix gaps between teeth
  • To fix discolored teeth
  • To fix other dental issues

Veneers may be able to bring back your confidence and improve dental health. However, there are many reasons why you must think carefully before choosing this dental procedure.

Veneers Won’t Change Their Color

This is a good thing, right? Wrong! Your natural set of teeth will change color over time, while the veneers will remain the same. This change  will lead to an awkward difference in your smile, which can lead to less confidence!

You’ll have to schedule regular dentist visits to ensure your veneers remain the same as your natural teeth.

Porcelain Is a Delicate and Breakable Material

Due to its delicate and breakable nature, porcelain veneers have an increased risk of  chipping and cracking compared to fillings and crowns. It’s better not to choose this option if you have a habit of biting your nails, grinding teeth together, or chewing on ice cubes.

Yes, these all these habits can be corrected yet there are other options that can be chosen such as crowns or dental implants.

Teeth Can Decay Even Under Veneers

Unfortunate, but true—tooth decay is still a possibility. This means you will have to choose a different dental care option eventually, such as a root canal or crowns.

Additionally, it’s not a good idea to choose this option if you have or suffer from weakened enamel, gum disease, and/or other dental conditions.

Refer to your dentist in Bethesda if uncertain regarding which dental option to choose to fix abovementioned issues. Remember that Bethesda Dental Health is only one call away, offering professional advice regarding your dental health and hygiene. Take advantage of the best; leave the rest to us!


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