Walking You Through a Routine Dental Checkup


Walking You Through a Routine Dental Checkup

Visits to the dentist can be intimidating and is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety and apprehension especially in children.

However, routine dental checkups are the best way to get to know your dental health.

Here is a series of steps to help guide you through the exact process of a routine dental checkup:

Dental Receptionists

You may have arranged an appointment. The receptionist will guide you to the waiting area.

They may also let you know the way around the office, when your dentist will be available, how long will you have to wait and the choice in the mode of payments that you can avail.

Meeting your Dentist or hygienist

When you’re escorted to the consulting room by the dental assistant, your dentist will be waiting for you.

The dental expert will first get to know you a bit. He / she will then plan how to go about the dental procedure accordingly.

Medical History

Keeping your medical history in mind, the dentist will question you about certain lifestyle habits and any health issues that you may be facing. Certain questions that may seem irrelevant at first might also be asked, but they’re actually connected with your oral and dental health. These may include:

  • Your sleeping patterns and habits.
  • If you are on any kind of medications.
  • Whether you’re a patient of diabetes or arthritis.
  • Other health concerns such as anxiety or allergy.

Also, your previous visits to the dentist may also be recalled and whether you have undergone any kind of dental procedure in the past.

The Cleaning Process

Your dentist first needs to make sure that your teeth is free from plaque and tartar that tends to settle in the spaces between the teeth. Also, parts of the mouth which are not reachable by a toothbrush or dental floss also needs cleaning.

Abrasive paste and a tooth polisher will give the finished touches to your teeth.

Dental X-rays and Examination

A digital X-ray entails a detailed examination of the internal parts of the mouth including the condition of the teeth, gums and the surrounding bone structures and jawline.

Any sign of damage or infection below the gum line is detected through digital dental X-rays.

After the affected parts of the mouth are identified a through dental examination is done so that the dentist can give his expert advice and suggestion about periodontal health and dental hygiene.

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